Boat Cleaning and Detail

​Cleaning and detailing your boat does not only make it look good and attractive, it also helps protect your property as an investment. Cleaning your boat is vital due to the fact that it is always on water and under the sun. It is a chore no one really likes to do but has to be done. If you find it too rigorous and time consuming for you, you can always contact us at RV Detail Pros of San Diego. However, with the right techniques, products, and an excellent guideline, you can clean and detail your boat yourself without any problem. Remember that how well maintained your boat is determines how durable, long lasting and beautiful it remains. Cleaning your boat is dependent on the material it is made of.

Cleaning and Detailing an Aluminium Boat
Your safety is important when cleaning an aluminium boat. When scrubbing or washing any part of the boat, ensure that you are wearing a chemical resistant glove and your eyes are coveredto protect yourself from the acid cleaning agent used. Aluminium cleaner is used in cleaning an aluminium boat and also contains acid. The product is perfect in washing away stains and oxidation. Don’t allow the cleaner to dry on the surface of the boat and when you are done, rinse the boat thoroughly with fresh water. An aluminium polish is also used in detailing the boat. It neutralizes acids that weren’t washed or rinsed off the boat’s surface.

Cleaning and Detailing a Fiberglass Boat
With a fiberglass boat, you have to consistently maintain it to ensure that the gel coat is in a good condition. Once your boat is out of salt water, ensure that you rinse it thoroughly with fresh water and that your hose does not have a metal nozzle so you don’t scratch the surface of your boat. When your fiberglass boat is dirty, ensure that it is washed with boat soap monthly and just water every week in order not ruin its wax. Detailing your fiberglass boat prevents your gel-coat from looking old and worn. Waxing it will keep it glossy and attractive.

Wood and Metal Surface Protection Guideline
The materials used in constructing your boat should be known and understood in other to maintain it the right way and with the suitable materials. If your boat has a wooden deck, it is ideal to use a teak cleaner to remove stains from its surface. To protect the wood from getting damaged by the sun, salt or acid, it is important to oil the wood regularly. The metal parts of your boat like aluminium, stainless steel, brass or nickel should be polished regularly using a soft clean fabric. 

Detailing the Hull
After a thorough cleaning of your boat, it should be waxed every 4 months at least and 6 months at most. This routine will restore the newness of your beauty and make it more attractive and properly maintained. It will also protect the gel-coat of your boat from getting oxidized.

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