Fifth Wheel Cleaning and Detail

​A fifth wheel is a travel trailer that is furnished with home-like amenities and structured and is just as convenient as a home. You can do everything you do in your home in your fifth wheel too. Things like sleeping, cooking and showering, entertaining, etc. can be done in a fifth wheel without any problem. The only problem that might arise is from poor maintenance. It is better to prevent these problems by cleaning your fifth wheel with the suitable cleaning agents, equipment and tools to aid the process and make it easier for you. You can also hire us if the process seems too stressful for you.

Fifth Wheel Maintenance
If you own a fifth wheel or you are planning to own one, the major thing to consider is the maintenance routine needed to keep it in a good and effective condition. There are tips and routines you can use to keep your fifth wheel in good condition and they will be shared with you. Regularly vacuum AC vents and furnace ducts, clean the fans, ensure that the water tanks are flushed out and disinfected. Clean your floor and upholstery; make sure that you wash the roof regularly and inspect all its mechanical parts to ensure that it is safe for the road.

Body Cleaning
To clean your fifth wheel, all you need are a bucket, an extendable brush, a cloth or mop that is not brittle or hard. We use a biodegradable car cleaner when cleaning fifth wheels, but with the listed items, you will be able to clean your fifth wheel without any problem or complications. If there are spot that you’d like to remove without exerting too much effort, you can use vinegar and a soft cloth to clean the spotted area. Remember also never to use detergents or regular dish washing soaps on your fifth wheel in order to damage the body of your precious RV.

Waxing helps to protect your fifth wheel and make it glossier than it used to be. It is okay to set the waxing time for your fifth wheel to be every year. The most important part of waxing is the quality of the product used during the process. A very good wax will compliment your effort and make your fifth wheel look really nice and attractive. There are various methods that you can apply when waxing your fifth wheel, you just have to find the one that is perfect for you. With a proper wax and great technique, you will have no trouble waxing.

Bug and Roof Cleaning
Your fifth wheel is an outdoor or camping vehicle that is like a home but taken almost everywhere. Along the line, there will be need for bug cleaning because it is impossible to escape bugs when you are outside. Bug cleaners are a great way to get rid of the bugs attached to your fifth wheel. There is no extra effort needed. Your roof also needs to be cleaned just like every other part of your fifth wheel. When cleaning your roof, ensure that you stay clear of petroleum distillates.

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