Travel Trailer Wash and Wax

​Your travel trailer needs to be washed regularly just as you wash every other useful thing in your life. It is the maintenance you give to your travel trailer that will make it function well and last longer. A well maintained vehicle will make life sweeter and lovelier for its owner. The factors that sustain dirt on your vehicle are mildew, mold and moisture. Washing your trailer doesn’t require much effort and time if you use the suitable cleaning agents and tools and also wash the vital parts of your trailer thoroughly.

Fiberglass, Metal, and Enamel
Washing your fiberglass, metal and enamel of your trailer should take less time and efforts due to the fact that it is structured from materials that are easy to wash. For most trailers, you could use any soap or detergent in cleaning them but it is better to know the kind of cleaning solution that is suitable for your trailer. The process of washing your trailer involves washing small sections at a time and moving from up to down to ensure that the whole surface is cleaned thoroughly. The wheels and lower areas of the trailer will require your time and concentration to get the dirt off them thoroughly.

Pressure Washing
Pressure washing works best in the situation where you are avoiding the use of soap on your vehicle. It is environmentally friendly and also quite easy to apply. The process of pressure washing involves using the nozzle on the areas that you need to get cleaned, starting from the top and working your way down to the bottom. You need to maintain a certain pace and width between the sections or areas you are working on to ensure that they are well washed and cleaned.  Although it is a very good method of washing, it requires pressure just as its name already stated and might also cause the paint on your vehicle to be stripped off its surface.

Roof Care
When washing your RV, it is best to start with the roof since the water from the roof will flow down the body of the vehicle. Washing the body before the roof will cause extra work for you and waste your effort on the body of the vehicle. While washing the roof of your vehicle, make sure you are safe from getting hurt or severe accidents. The roofs of trailers are usually made with fiberglass, rubber or metal, whichever material it is made with; ensure that it is washed thoroughly and also focus on areas with more dirt and stains. To ensure that the material of your roof is protected, ensure that you rinse once you are halfway through the washing process so that the soap doesn’t dry on it.

Detailing Your Travel Trailer
Detailing your travel trailer will compliment your efforts once you are done cleaning. Waxing will reignite the beauty of your vehicle and make it attractive and glossy. Ensure that you don’t apply too much and you also don’t apply too little. Once you are done with the process of waxing, use a dry rag to rub off the wax. After this, turn your attention to the wheels and widow, polish them thoroughly with the suitable product.

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