RV Wash and Wax

No one else likes RV cleaning. In fact, I’m still yet to see someone who loves it because it is a very stressful exercise. With the right tools and guidelines, it’d become easier to wash and wax your RV. The size of your RV is one of the determining factors of how back breaking and rigorous the cleaning will be. It usually also delay other important activities like washing, cleaning, polishing and waxing that needs to be done. But one thing remains paramount, and that is the fact that to have a well maintained and healthy RV, you need to clean, wash and wax it regularly.

The Right RV Wash and Wax Tools
Everything becomes easier when you use the right tool for the washing and waxing of your RV because the right tools are what make your effort effective and worth it. It also makes the process faster and easier. The items you need to make your RV washing easier and faster are; wool wash mitt, wash brush with extension, polish, shampoo and conditioner, synthetic drying chamois, collapsible wash bucket, grit guard, and foam gun. All of these materials will make it easy for you to wash your RV on your own without any complications.

RV wash and Wax Maintenance Guidelines
Regularly washing your RV is no fun but it is also an activity that can’t be ignored unless you want to spend extra amount of money replacing parts of your RV. To properly maintain your RV, you need to clean your RV firstly on the outside. Regularly washing and waxing your RV is also very vital in maintaining it and keeping it in tip top shape. Using dish soap to wash your RV will destroy it because of the film it leaves on your gel-coat. Microfiber towels and brushes will also destroy your gel-coat by scratching its surface. Any material that has a rough hem or is bristle and hard will destroy the gel-coat of your RV even though it is also strong and hard. 

Waterless Wash and Wax
There are a lot of benefits attached to waterless RV wash and wax that makes it the most suitable form of washing and waxing the RV. Waterless wash and wax prevent scratches on the paint of your RV. Combined with the use of the right solution, it is a process you’d enjoy and find very easy. It will leave the surface of your RV slick and void of bugs. The chemical solution also suspends the sand grit instead of dissolving them which eventually scratches the surface of your RV. Waterless wash and wax is capable of making the paint on the surface of your RV glossier than it was before. 

Waxing Your RV
If your rig is new, it is advisable to stay away from waxing it. Floor wax should only be used on gel-coats that have lost their shine and protective coating. After you are done cleaning your RV, the next thing you can proceed to do is waxing its gel-coat to make it more attractive and glossier.

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